The Netherlands is getting an international test lab for charging electric vehicles

The Netherlands is getting a new international test center where organizations can test electric cars, buses trucks and their charging infrastructure. The Dutch are taking the next step as leaders in sustainable transport. The international test lab will be located in Arnhem. ElaadNL's new test lab is expected to be ready for use on September 1st, 2021.

Charging the vehicles of the future

More and more vehicles are becoming electric. This doesn’t only mean passenger cars, but also includes motorcycles, delivery vans, large buses and trucks. In  the future, this will also include heavy construction equipment, inland vessels and small aircrafts.

These new electric vehicles must also be able to charge. It is very important that in addition to the usual tests by transport authorities, these vehicles should also be tested as power consumers. That is the reason ElaadNL’s knowledge and innovation is at the center of the joint Dutch grid operators - to set the next step for a larger test lab in Arnhem.

International test center ‘a good step forward’

The test center is co-financed by the province of Gelderland and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Van Veldhoven, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management: “It is good news that we will have this international test center soon. Faster charging makes e-driving more attractive. This center will be a nursery where green innovations can see the light of day. Business benefits from this, and ultimately we all do. Clean air, more green jobs and fewer CO2 emissions. ”

Van der Wal, Deputy of the Province of Gelderland: “A great step forward for Gelderland. Not only can other companies and educational institutions use this test facility, people are also trained here in collaboration with education for new jobs in energy technology. The arrival of Elaad's international test lab adds an important link to bring energy innovations to the market faster. ”

Room for innovative companies

Many Dutch companies are active in the field of emission-free transport. The Netherlands is at the forefront of charging stations and innovative and smart charging solutions. Work is now being done on testing electric buses, trucks and the matching charging infrastructure. ElaadNL's director Onoph Caron knows that companies will be happy to use the new test lab: “We have been testing electric passenger car charging at our current location with car manufacturers for a number of years, but there was no room for trucks and buses. In this new, large hall with an accompanying charging plaza we will soon be able to test many more vehicles, as well as larger and heavier vehicles such as buses and e-trucks and associated charging infrastructure. With the the impact on the electricity grid, it is crucial for grid operators to be able to test this new wave of vehicle electrification. ”

In the test lab, measuring equipment and special charging infrastructure will soon be available where a lot of power can be charged in high capacities in a short period of time. Many different tests can also be performed in the new test lab. For example, it is possible to look at the ICT communication in the entire chain, from car, charging station, to back office and the interaction with other elements such as solar panels and home energy management systems. The security of all that communication (cybersecurity) is also an area of ​​focus of the new lab.


The new, large Elaad Test Lab is an open meeting place. Not only manufacturers of vehicles, charging infrastructure and companies that provide energy services are welcome, but there is also cooperation with educational institutions such as HAN to train new professionals. ElaadNL is therefore also joining the Connectr initiative.

Within Connectr, various parties join forces by sharing knowledge and expertise, testing new ideas and putting them into practice. The initiative consists of projects, shared facilities and a physical location - the Innovation Lab to be established at Kleefse Waard Industrial Park in Arnhem. Hybrid learning environments will be an important part of this. There, universities of applied sciences and ROCs are working together on the innovation issues of the business community that are in line with the Climate Agreement. See also:

About ElaadNL and the National Agenda for Charging Infrastructure

Knowledge and innovation center ElaadNL is researching and testing the possibilities for “Smart Charging” - smart and sustainable charging of electric vehicles. ElaadNL is an initiative of the joint Dutch Network Operators. See:

ElaadNL is involved in the National Agenda for Charging Infrastructure (NAL). This is a policy agenda with ambitions and actions that will ensure that soon we will always be able to charge anywhere, easily and smartly. Successful electrification will only succeed if the charging infrastructure is fully in place. See:

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