Smart Charging Guide English-language edition now available!

The Smart Charging Guide is the answer to the question: how can we charge millions of electric vehicles in a smart and sustainable way? The Guide was first published in Dutch and has been updated and translated in English to share with an international audience. The first copy was sent to the Dutch minster of foreign affairs, Sigrid Kaag, who took it on the first Dutch virtual trade mission to the US.

Download the Smart Charging Guide - English edition.

You can watch the Virtual Trade Mission- Opening Session with minister Sigrid Kaag and Lieutenant Governor of California Elini Kounalakis here.

The Guide is the first publication that lists all elements of Smart Charging in an accessible manner. The book is 116 pages thick, richly illustrated and contains, in addition to the main story about Smart Charging, many side steps to matters related to charging electric cars and descriptions of interesting innovations and projects. It also introduces a coherent model to structure the many layers involved in a successful operation of Smart Charging: not only technical but also organizational, communication-wise and legal. The publication ends with a list of recommendations. What do we need to do to make Smart Charging a success?

The Dutch language edition was published on September 12, 2019 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of knowledge and innovation center ElaadNL. Because we operate a lot internationally, we immediately received requests for an English-language edition. We have worked hard on this and are proud of the result. The English language edition also contains a few updates and additions for example about Solar Cars. We will make the Guide available digitally, but also take the hundreds of printed copies to share during international congresses and trade missions.

Smart Charging

With ‘Smart Charging', the speed and timing of charging electric cars can be adjusted using smart technologies. Charging can be at maximum rate if there is a lot of power from sustainable sources such as sun and wind and may be reduced or even stopped if there is a peak in the power demand, thus preventing overloading of the grid. One step further is even using the car to provide extra power to the grid when the demand is high (Vehicle to Grid). This way, we can ensure in the near future we will be charging millions of electric cars without any problems and in a sustainable manner. This makes it an essential step in solving the global climate crisis.

International edition

The content of the English-language edition is mainly based on developments in the Netherlands. And although we are a frontrunner on EV’s, EV charging infrastructure and Smart Charging, we would welcome a truly international edition of the Smart Charging Guide. ElaadNL calls on potential partners from different parts of the world to join us with a new internation

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