Smart Charging and more @CharIN Testival

We are currently working on an exciting program for the CharIN Testival for October 30 & 31.

The CharIN Testival delivers a unique opportunity for your company to participate in tests on-site and evaluate communication between EVs and EVSEs, test with the latest test systems on the market and take a tour of the testing lot offering an opportunity to see electric vehicles, chargers, communication controllers and test systems available or coming to the market in the very near future. Participants can also take a deep dive in networking and exchange with CCS experts from around the globe, e.g. at the accompanying CharIN Europe Conference.

You can still register as an observer or tester.

Smart Charging Guiding the way

ElaadNL is constructing a comprehensive handbook to smart charging. For the second day of the Testival we will use it to guide our way through the future of charging electric vehicles.

The second day will feature presentations, lectures and workshops related to the following four themes; the layers of implementing Smart Charging.  

Technology – Making our hardware happy

What technology do we need and how do we implement it? How can we create a smart ecosystem for our electric vehicles that can send and receive data?

Communication - Let Tech do the Talking

Smart Charging requires smart appliances that can talk to each other, speaking the same language. What routes should the most optimal form of communication take and what do we need from protocols?

Organisation – Who charges who?

A lot of actors are involved in Smart Charging: EV-drivers, CSO, DSO, Back office, aggregators, OEM, municipalities etc. All these stakeholders can have different interests and targets. We need to set up a system in which smart combinations, rules and checks make sure that everyone can play their part.

Legislation – Smart rules for Flexible charging

In this final session we will take a look at the current contracts, laws and regulations and what choices need to be made to implement Smart Charging for mass deployment. Where do market and municipals meet? Who needs flexibility and who can deliver it?

A provisional program for the second day of the CharIN Testival concerning Smart Charging is available. The order of the various sessions may change. A timetable will become available soon.

For more information, please download this leaflet.

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