Research on charging light poles in public areas

Charging Points in lampposts, an ideal combination?

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The municipality of The Hague, Stedin and ElaadNL jointly present an evaluation report on the placement of charging lampposts in The Hague. The suppliers of the charging light poles, Lightwell and Ecopoles, put a total of four charging lampposts at business park Zichtenburg located in The Hague to examine the impact on different levels. Specifically, they did research on the technical, financial and practical feasibility. The most important conclusion is that a combined function in a single object at this time is still a difficult task.

The purpose of the test with charging light poles in The Hague was issued to gain experience in installing and commissioning this new form of charging stations and public lighting. Since the parties had no previous experience with charging lampposts, there were some practical challenges. All results and findings are summarized in the report "Technical evaluation placement charging lampposts Hague.

Difficult task

For now the combination of functions in most cases is a difficult task. Bram van Eijsden is engaged in Innovation and Development at ElaadNL and explains: "The challenge with this innovation arises in the specific features and requirements of the loose objects which are situated relatively far apart. Think of the installation: lampposts are often placed in large volumes while charging stations are usually installed separately. Besides, a charging point needs a heavier power supply than the light pole." 

Further research 

In this report Floris van Elzakker, project manager for electric transport in The Hague, shares some ideas for further research. One of his proposals is to examine the possibility of a charging point on a light pole. This allows the lamppost to remain the main object and the charge point will be attached as some sort of guest user. Another alternative is to determine whether the placement of the charging light poles in large volumes is interesting, for example, in new building projects. This provides a relatively lower investment because the installation costs are distributed over multiple charging light poles. 

Read the complete research in the report "Technical evaluation placement charging lampposts Hague" (Dutch). This report by the municipality of The Hague has been produced with the cooperation of Stedin, ElaadNL, Lightwell and Ecopoles.

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