June 2nd: PKI Demonstration of the CTL as a solution for Plug & Charge interoperability

ElaadNL and our partners are proud to announce a demonstration of the Certificate Trust List.

On the 2nd of June we will be hosting two webinars in which we will demonstrate and present the Public Key Infrastructure and Certificate Trust List (CTL).

Register now: Session 1 08:00 - 11:00h CEST

Register now: Session 2 16:00 - 19:00h CEST

Technology and Governance for a harmonized deployment of Plug and Charge & Smart Charging based on ISO 15118

Objective: simplify the user experience and guarantee interoperability

Promote an open and fair market for eMobility

Electromobility actors are ready to adopt and deploy new services that will improve the user experience, such as Plug and Charge. Those services should be interoperable and rely on the ISO 15118 standard. To do this, adopting a reference architecture, from technical and organizational point of view, is vital. Such architecture shall enable an open and fair market between all EV actors and allow end-users and operators to freely select their providers.

An international collaboration

In this spirit, a collaborative work has started since 2019 to define and test multiple technical solutions. The partners mainly focused on PKI architectures that allow the development of multiple offers.

An operational solution demonstrated in real conditions

The partners will demonstrate that the Certificate Trust List (CTL) technology, one of the studied options, suited to this need. The demonstration will be done using electric vehicles, charging stations and IT services (including PKI) located in 3 countries: France, Netherlands, and Germany.
The demonstrations will be operated by actors representing different roles in the Electromobility domain.


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