ElaadNL shares new data sets demonstrating the rise of EVs and usage of Charging Stations

ElaadNL has updated its Open Data Dashboard. This dashboard is part of ElaadNL data platform which has been established in 2018 to share data and research about electric vehicles and the way they charge. The open data sets contain aggregated data from public, private, and workplace charging stations. The dashboard now includes more information than any EV charging database in the world and it is free to use. With the new update, the data captures the most interesting period so far in which the number of EV’s grew rapidly and so did the use of charging infrastructure. The ElaadNL Open Data Dashboard has proven itself as a valuable source for students, analysts and other researchers since 2018.

Electric mobility is developing rapidly in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, only a small fraction (about 2%) of the Dutch vehicle fleet has been electrified yet. Therefore, the dilemma of limited data availability is an issue within the field of electric mobility research. ElaadNL offers a unique data and information package regarding electric vehicle (EV) charging patterns based on real world measurements. Based on these data sets one should be able to run and validate simulations and conduct studies on (future) charging behaviour of EVs. The newly added data contains useful and interesting information which capture the rise of EVs and their impact on charging stations.

Key indicators

Within the dashboard we have included distributions for arrival times, connection times, energy demand, and charging curves of EVs at different charging locations. These indicators are calculated based on most recently available data (between 2018 - 2020) to ElaadNL. For each typical location of charging points (private, workplace, and public) ElaadNL has generated normalized profiles based on large volumes of real charging events.

Open & ready-made

We have tried to present the data in a useful way. So, everyone can find the indicators they need, and it is possible to download the dataset behind each graph. Feel free to use and share the data, and please share your research and findings with ElaadNL.

Visit the Open Data Dashboard.

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