ElaadNL publishes new connection requirements

In collaboration with the network operators ElaadNL developed a new set of connection requirements (version 2.1) for charging stations. These new requirements are now published on the ElaadNL website. In the new requirements there is more attention to the wireless connection (damping requirement) with the charging stations. Reading the charge point remotely is essential for things like Smart Charging and Smart Meter Allocation (SMA). The charging station manufacturers known to us have been informed about this by letter and will also be approached personally.

The new connection requirements will apply in the Netherlands from September 1, 2020 for charging stations (with a mains connection up to 3x80A) that are brought in for certification. The attenuation requirement of 8 dB must be demonstrated by the charging pole manufacturer by means of an investigation report. From January 1, 2021, they will apply to all newly placed charging stations. The new requirements don’t apply to charging objects placed before January 1, 2021.

No external antenna

An external antenna is mentioned as a solution in the connection requirements 2.0. Research shows that there are many issues regarding manageability, responsibility for defects and additional costs. The risk of defects and consequential damage, such as water leakage or vandalism, is relatively high when using an external antenna. Therefore, the external antenna is no longer accepted as a suitable solution.

Download the updated connection requirements

This change is included in the updated connection requirements, version 2.1. The changed requirements with regard to connectivity of the smart meters in the connection requirements 2.1 have been mutually coordinated between the network operators (through Netbeheer Nederland). The connection requirements can be downloaded from: http://www.elaad.nl/aansluitspecificaties/.

Want to know more about the new requirements or about certifying a new charging object? Please contact Gerben Spies at gerben.spies@elaad.nl.

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